Narayan & Janet’s Vision Statement

Our music is the expression of love! Our business is love in action! Our life’s-work is to create and offer music & lyrics that promote love and compassion.

Our intention is to bring self-awareness, happiness and fun, enriching the lives of our listeners with our music.

We are bringing this music to mainstream audiences of all ages. This is our service to this wonderful world we live in.

We have been blessed to have had a lifetime of diverse musical experiences:

The duos modern musical sensibilities are gained from a lifetime of diverse musical experiences. Janet Baltzos’ (formerly Janet Foos) career began with playing in the bands of Albert Collins, James Cotton and Merrilee Rush. She culminated in such achievements as her award-winning NY Film Festival and MTV videos, hosting two television series, a solo act at the Edgewater Inn, and a period touring and recording with New Age artists Dave Lanz and Paul Speer.

Narayan’s background includes years of international touring as a featured trumpet soloist. He has been showcased in big bands, musical revues, R&B and world-music acts. He also studied music and yoga in India and beyond. These diverse experiences allow the duo to thrive in a wide range of musical environments, such as backing up the Spencer Davis All-Star band (with Alan White (Yes) and Roger Fischer (Heart)).