In a world where one could always use more positivity, people are looking to gain in it in a multitude of ways including music. Which is why Narayan & Janet have made it their mission to provide not only positive stability for their listeners but also a real sense of community with their music. Together Narayan and Janet Baltzo have worked together on four albums, including their latest positively-charged release We Are All Connected which features lighthearted keyboards, delicious trumpets, and of course their California pop vocals that breathe a breath of fresh air into the world with every note. Currently, Narayan & Janet are working as the Directors of Music Ministry at Unity of the Valley Spiritual Center while simultaneously putting the final touches on their upcoming fifth album, Breathe.

Residing in the San Francisco Bay area, Narayan & Janet are prolific writing partners and write almost all of the music but before they came together they were also making big strides on their own. A talented vocalist as well as keyboardist, Janet Baltzo (formerly Janet Foos) began her career playing alongside Albert Collins, James Cotton, and Merrilee Rush. Later she would tour with New Age artists Dave Lanz and Paul Speer. Inspired by the funk of Jimmy Smith, Janet has always brought that jazzy element to what she does and then some. The ?then some? being her ability to be a Jill of all trades. From hosting a pair of TV series, performing solo at Seattle’s Edgewater Inn, and taking home a big win at the New York Film Festival for her Backstreet Boys’ video that was then featured on MTV.

As for the other half of this dynamic duo, Narayan Baltzo has years of experience under his belt as well. Being a vocalist who can also handle his own on the trumpet, flugelhorn, percussion, Narayan spent many years touring internationally as a solo artist. On top of touring on his own, he’s done everything else from being showcased in big bands and musical revues to backing up the Spencer Davis All-Star Band to studying music and yoga in India. All of his experiences have allowed him the gift of thriving wherever his lands, even alongside his own personal muse; Janet. Yes, he notes that his wife drives him, “Janet is my favorite musician not only because of her diverse musical skill set but her spirit and sense of adventure, and her sensitivity is unmatched.”

Once Narayan & Janet came together, the connection was apparent from the start. While they’ve each accomplished more than enough on their own, they knew they could do so much more together. Working together as partners in life and in music, Narayan & Janet want to bring a positive light back into the world through their music and other efforts which include being the former hosts of Living Music Radio on KKNW from 2005-06, and opening for keynote speakers such as Don Miguel Ruiz and Joe Dispenza.

Before they came together Narayan & Janet performed a multitude of genres with a variety of artists. Together they’ve settled on a sound that represents who they are now and where they want to continue to go. A beautiful blend of soulful jazz that’s both upbeat and plays well with their California pop brings about a positive aesthetic that fans of everyone from Sade to Fleetwood Mac could enjoy. Whether it’s their homage to the San Francisco in the ’60s with “Ridin’ the Love Bus” or what they call “a swampy groove” in “Sittin’ in a Boat,” each song brings its own story to the table and keeps fans eagerly listening. They’ve noted of their sound, “While upliftment through music has been our intention from the beginning of our musical collaboration we are continuously gratified and encouraged by the testimonials we receive from our audience. The feel-good effects of this music are second to none in our experience.”

Audiences have been loving those feel-good effects for years as Narayan & Janet have toured throughout the west coast five times, as well as in Colorado, Florida, and even in Mexico. They’ll be playing even more when they drop their fifth album, Breathe, soon. With that, they’ll also be busy releasing videos for “Ridin’ the Love Bus” in collaboration with Caravan Films in Sacramento. They are also working on two different musical sets. One is a soul-singing event that relies on participation, and the other consists of new versions of their original material that has been designed to be performed in jazz clubs and festivals with improvisation being key. In the end, Narayan & Janet want people to walk away from their music with a more positive outlook on the world.

“We are all connected?by the air we breathe in? by the love were feelin” ? a lyric from the duo’s 4th CD, “We Are all Connected”